Welcome, Birdie!

A big hearted woman, who already had 2 senior bull terriers (along with some other pets), saw a local ad for a 3 year old bull terrier named Birdie being given away. Without giving it a second thought, she got in touch with the owner and took the her in. The owner had both of Birdie‚Äôs parents and her sibling but worked very long hours. Birdie was kept in a crate for a huge portion of the day and the guy felt he had no time for her. When this woman first got Birdie, she was a bit of a wild child but over the last month, with a lot of work, Birdie has turned into a much better behaved bully. As much as she loves Birdie, she is just too much for the senior dogs and all the other life situations this woman has going on. When we learned about Birdie, we immediately thought of a couple, Marie and Al, who had recently reached out to us since losing their female bull terrier last month. They have had 5 bull terriers since 1991 and feel their house is entirely too quiet and calm without the presence of a bull terrier. Within a second of telling them about Birdie and sharing her picture, they were ready to bring her home. When trying to make arrangements to get Birdie to her new family, Jessica and M Tyler Dean offered to pick her up on Saturday evening, have a slumber party with her and then drive her most of the way to meet up with foster-to-adopt dad Al today. This afternoon, she met, got a good sniff of and went home with Al and met her mom when they got home. She will have non stop attention and love, a nice fenced in area to run around in, daily walks on the 6 acre property and live the life she has always deserved.

Special thanks to Deborah A Benner for saving Birdie and making sure that her needs were met, Julie Viar for helping out with various aspects of the situation and Jessica and M. Tyler Dean (and their girls) for going out of their way to pick Birdie up after a very long day yesterday, having her spend the night and part of today with them and driving her to meet her family.