Welcome, The Best Sam Thing!

In March, Sam was seized by animal control along with several other dogs who were being used for breeding purposes. All the dogs spent a majority of their time in crates in a building where there was no heat and no water. Since being saved, Sam has been at a shelter where they have treated him like their own. He is very loved by all the staff. However, in spite of their best efforts, they had difficulty finding an appropriate home for Sam so they reached out to us. Even though Sam spent the first 5 years of his life in horrid conditions without the love and care he deserved, he is an absolute love bug. His only issue at this time seems to be that he is a bit mouthy, especially when excited so we felt it best that he go spend some time with a foster to work on that. Today, Sam began the next phase in his life by going to a real home. He will have an awesome foster mom and another bully to keep him company. Sam will be there until we feel he is ready for a furever home. Below are a few pictures from his day starting at the shelter and ending in his new foster home.

Special thanks to Elise Ramsey and all the staff at Little Traverse Bay Humane Society for taking such great care of Sam while there, Bob Hull for pulling Sam and driving the first leg, Holly Darmofal-Gibbs and Robb Gibbs, parents to Blue Ridge alumnus, Fast and Goose – Adopted, for changing their plans to drive leg 2, and his foster mom for meeting up to get Sam and bring him home.

You can like and follow Sam’s journey on his page, The Best Sam Thing.