Bane: Foster Needed

UPDATE: Bane will be going to his foster home some time this week. Further updates to follow.

Meet Bane

A woman with some serious life circumstances reached out to a rescue local to her yesterday about her bull terrier. The local rescue then contacted a woman who has bull terriers in the area and has also worked with Blue Ridge previously, who in turn reached out and left us a message last night. We learned that Bane needed to move immediately so this morning, the local kind woman met the owner at the vet’s office/boarding facility and got him checked in there for the time being. We are now looking for a foster home for Bane so we can learn more about him. We need someone who has an understanding of the breed. We know that he is a big boy, weighing approximately 65 lbs. He is thought to be between 1 and 2 yrs old. He is reported to have lived with 2 other dogs. He is a young, frisky boy who doesn’t know his own size. He will need some leash work although his former owner says once he gets going on the walk, he does better. He is crate trained and potty trained. He knows basic commands like sit, down and even roll-over. He allowed his former owner to cut his nails without any fuss. We would be okay sending him to a foster home with another dog who shares similar energy (and is at least 50 lbs), where there would be slow, controlled integration to see how he does with another dog. Since he is a big boy and could have easily knocked over the adult human (with his happy excitement) who went to meet him at the boarding facility today, kids 14 and older. No small animals/no cats. If you live within 6 hours of Wellsboro, PA and can provide Bane the foster home he needs so we have a proper evaluation on him, please either message our main inbox or Lisa Taubman Blount directly