Welcome, Out-of-Bosley Experience!

Sometimes in rescue, a situation arises where things have to move at lightning speed. Such is the case with Bosley. Yesterday morning at about 9:30 AM, our intake/placement coordinator saw a facebook post about Bosley needing a new home as soon as possible. In reading the post, it was quite evident that Bosley’s owner has had to deal with some very difficult life situations as of late. Her fiancé was injured and is now a partial paraplegic, they moved into an apartment complex where it was more adaptive to his medical needs but pets are not allowed there. Bosley’s owner had made arrangements for him to stay with a friend of her fiancé’s, which was going well, until there was a disagreement about an event they all were suppose to attend. Following that, the friend decided he was no longer going to help and keep Bosley and told the owner on Monday that Bosley needed to be picked up that day or he would be dropped off at a shelter. The owner went and got Bosley immediately. In order to not have the possibility of being evicted for having him inside the building, Bosley slept on the deck outside that night, with his owner sleeping on the floor next to him. Yesterday morning, his owner made the post looking for a new home for him. Bosley’s mom got him when he was 2 years old, he came to her with what seemed like an injured paw, the former owners made it seem like no big deal. It turned out that it was a big deal though. She took him to the vet shortly after having him and found out he had squamous cell carcinoma. He ended up having to have that leg amputated and is now going on four years as a tripod cancer survivor. He has adapted well and is a happy bully. Within 5 seconds of reading the initial post, a potential adopter came to our coordinator’s mind. Michelle had recently moved from California to Tennessee and lost her bully Nikko less than a month ago. She had previously worked with Susi Ming/Bull Terrier Rescue, Inc., the west coast rescue. Michelle has owned 4 bull terriers and fostered 5 including a tripod and has a soft spot for special needs and older bull terriers. Yesterday morning, Michelle received an urgent message from our coordinator that included the story of Bosley, some pictures of him and the question asking if she was interested in him, saying she had to make the decision pretty quickly. Without hesitation, Michelle said she wanted to bring Bosley home. From there, we went to work on finding an immediate temporary spot for Bosley until we could get him to Michelle as we couldn’t have Bosley sleeping on the deck another night especially because we checked the weather and it was going to rain last night. We had several people reach out offering to help and while working through the options our medical needs coordinator, Belinda Shockley, said she would take him until we could get him to Michelle. Bosley’s owner then drove him an hour and a half yesterday afternoon to meet Chris Werner, who was working in Wilmington, DE. Chris then drove about 2 hours home. Meanwhile, Michelle had incredibly offered to drive 9 1/2 hours all the way up to get Bosley on Saturday, which we were so appreciative of. She then let us know yesterday afternoon that she was sitting with her boss, who is involved in animal rescue, trying to rearrange her schedule for today so that she could get him today instead of waiting til Saturday. This morning Michelle and her friend set off on their drive and Chris kindly drove a few hours to cut a little time off their ride. We are thrilled to share that Bosley is now with his foster-to-adopt mom and within less than a day and a half of first learning about Bosley’s plight and need for a home. We are beyond grateful that we have such a kind-hearted bull terrier community who always seem to step up when needed most.

Special thanks to Chris for staying at work a few hours extra to wait for Bosley to get there, driving him home yesterday, hanging out with him last night and today and driving him some today, Belinda for helping coordinate things and opening her home to Bosley and Michelle for dropping everything to drive hours to get and bring home her special boy.

You can like and follow Bosley’s adventures on his page, Out-of-Bosley Experience.