Annual Spring Auction End Today!

🚨🚨 ENDS TODAY!!! 🚨🚨
The Blue Ridge Bull Terrier Club Rescue Annual Spring Auction ENDS TODAY! Bids will be accepted between now and 8:00:00pm EST on Sunday, June 21, 2020.

  • If you are new to our auction, please feel free to ask any questions. Our auction page can be found here:
  • To find the items up for bid please click on the “PHOTOS” menu. This will pull up the available items in the auction, starting at the highest numbered item, all the way down to item #1. Photos from previous auctions are located beyond the Spring 2020 Auction items, these are just here for reference and cannot be commented on. If you are on a desktop computer the “Photos” option is located on the left side of the screen (see example in the comments section of this post). If you are on a phone or tablet, the “Photos” option is located at the top of the Auction Group (see example in the comments section of this post).
  • To place a bid, all you need to do is comment the next highest bid in the comments section of the item’s photo. If you get outbid…please bid again! All proceeds from this auction go towards the medical bills of Bull Terriers in rescue. They appreciate your love and generosity ❤️
  • Bids AFTER 8:00:00pm EST (yes, we have to go down to the seconds!) on Sunday, June 21, 2020 will NOT be accepted, so please get your bids in early.
  • At the end of the auction our administrators will sort through the comments section and figure out who had the highest bid. The winners of each item will be marked and instructions for payment of the item and shipping will be posted. If you win multiple items please feel free to contact administrators Belinda Shockley or Max Izzy Gatesto see if shipping can be combined. Shipping cannot always be combined due to items shipping from different locations, but we are always happy to check and see if a discount will be possible!
  • If you win an item, PAYMENT MUST BE MADE WITHIN 10 DAYS OF AUCTION CLOSE. You will be contacted 3 times within the 10 day period to remind you of your win. If payment or serious payment arrangement is not made within the 10 days we will offer the item to the next highest bidder. We apologize for this strict rule, but we are all volunteers and would like to be able to finalize the auction within a reasonable time frame so we can move on to other important rescue work.
  • Payments are accepted through PayPal, Venmo, or by check/money order. Please make sure check/money order payments are mailed out promptly.
  • If an item is marked with shipping “To Be Determined”, please make payment for the item itself, and then you will be contacted with exact shipping costs after the item has shipped. PLEASE make sure to follow through with paying your shipping costs. Blue Ridge will be reimbursing the donors whether you pay the shipping costs or not, so nonpayment of shipping costs only TAKES MONEY AWAY FROM THE DOGS. Yes, we have people do this every auction.
  • Please feel free to ask us anything we may have left out and….HAVE FUN!

THANK YOU to all of our donors and bidders who make this awesome fundraiser possible! 💜