September 2019 Adoptions!


Today, let’s CELEBRATE the fact that these 7 STUNNING bullies were OFFICIALLY ADOPTED in the month of SEPTEMBER! ????

Not every dog who comes into rescue has the easiest transition from their previous life to the happy, spoiled life that they end up with in their furever home, but we are so thankful for those who work hard and stick it out through those tougher times. The reward of endless love, snuggles, hucklebutts, and those beautiful bullie smiles are totally worth the wait, no matter how long. THANK YOU to all of the fosters and adopters who are willing to work a little harder and let us experience that transition and the happy times right along with them. You are so special to us ❤️

If you would like to follow each of September’s happily ever afters, you can follow the bullie’s individual pages here:

Grant – Grant a Wish – Adopted
Brando – Darlin’ Brando – Adopted
Peppa – Peppa’s Rally – Adopted
Theodore – Theodore’s Lore – Adopted
Clover – Lucky Clover – Adopted
Moxie – All That Moxie – Adopted
Roxy – Brindle Rox – Adopted

If you are interested in fostering or adopting a Bull Terrier in need, please apply here: