May 2019 Adoptions

??Let’s CELEBRATE!?? Today we want to take a moment to celebrate these 11 bullies and the fact the they have been OFFICIALLY ADOPTED ?Some of them have had quite an interesting journey to get where they are, and some of these adoptions have been a long time coming. But, despite how bumpy the road to their furever homes may have been, one thing is for certain, we are just THRILLED that they all have found their FUREVER families and will be beyond spoiled for the rest of their years. We absolutely have the best fosters, adopters, and supporters and are grateful for the work that we are allowed to do because of you. Thank you ?

Please give their pages a like to follow their happily ever afters!

Paisley – Paisley Place – Adopted
Mouse – Mouse in the House – Adopted
Josie & Finn – The Finn and Josie Show – Adopted
Rudie – Rudie Can’t Fail – Adopted
Svon (formerly Stanley) – Lord Stanley Svon – Adopted
Vinny – Vinny from the Block – Adopted
Olly (formerly Bunk) – Olly Bunk the Hunk – Adopted
Diesel – Diesel Deuce – Adopted
Ruckus – Raising Ruckus – Adopted
Hank – Stank Eye Hank – Adopted