Adoption Process

Adoption Guidelines

At Blue Ridge Bull Terrier Club Rescue, we work to ensure pets and families are well matched. That is why we use a specific process for matching rescues with people. It is in the best interest of the animal and the adopting family.

How We Operate:

We operate using a screening process which we strictly follow. The entire process normally takes approximately 30 days. Below are the steps that must be taken in order to adopt a dog from our rescue.

• The inquiry form must be completed. This form can be accessed from this page.

• After the rescue committee receives this completed form, a phone inquiry is made. At this point we would be happy to discuss any questions you may have regarding the breed. Questions from the rescue will also take place. (i.e. experience with the breed, research you may have done on the breed, and any items in question on the inquiry form).

• References will be contacted that you listed as well as vet references if applicable.

• During this process we will be looking at our list of available dogs and looking at your family/home situation and trying to pick the best “fit” for you and the best “fit” for the dog. For example, we will make sure that any dog that we would consider for you would be great with children, or cats, or other pets, depending upon your home situation etc. We evaluate the bullies while they are in foster care to determine what temperaments, quirks, etc, they have.

• A member of the Blue Ridge Bull Terrier Club will phone you to set up a home visit. This visit is to ensure your home is “bully proofed” as well as a safe haven for the potential new part of your family (fencing is secure; trash cans have lids, etc.)

• We will then have you meet the dog at the foster home. We require all family members to be present for this visit. After this visit the foster family and the applicants will be contacted by a rescue committee member to discuss the outcome of the visit. The applicant will be notified within a week if the adoptive family and the foster family considered them a match. The foster family will then contact the adoptive family to arrange for the adoption date. At this time the adoptive family will sign all pertinent paperwork and supply the BRBTC with the adoption donation for the amount indicated on the application.

• Please remember that adopting a Bull Terrier is a SERIOUS commitment. Your newly adopted bull terrier will take several weeks to months to settle into their new environment. Bull terriers can be expensive to care for and require lots of love and attention. Please, seriously consider your decision to adopt. Sadly, some bull terriers are returned to our rescue. This breed is not a dog for everyone. We highly suggest that you plan to participate in a training course with your bull terrier so that the adoption experience is a positive and lasting one for your family and the bull terrier you have chosen to adopt.

• We do require a $400 adoption fee.

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