June 13, 2024

Many of you probably remember when Sassy first came into the rescue in December. She is a tripod who was found in a supermarket parking lot in Pennsylvania. She was brought to the local shelter and although her former owner was contacted, she never came to retrieve Sassy. Our friend Diana Tewell Cretcher offered to foster her. Her and her husband couldn’t imagine Sassy being in the shelter in general but especially over the holidays. Everything was set in motion and with the help of some great volunteers Sassy made her way to Diana’s where she gradually joined Diana’s pack of 5 Bull Terriers, got all her medical needs addressed and was the recipient of lots of love. We received a lot of messages from people expressing interest in Sassy. While many of those people seemed like they might be a good fit, there was one couple who stood out. Cindy Nixon Perrott, a responsible, reputable breeder and board member of the Bull Terrier Club of America, had messaged our placement coordinator about her friends Chris and Jim as did Debbie Kovash, whose husband had been friends with Chris’s late brother, also a Bull Terrier person. Chris and Cindy met decades ago when they were just starting in the breed. Cindy spoke in such high regard of Chris. Cindy let us know that Chris’s husband Jim was unable to live at home any more due to some problems with his health and that Chris and Jim had recently lost their beloved senior rescue Bull Terrier Marigold. Following that loss, they got a young dog, however, the dog sadly ended up having some very serious issues that could not be helped and didn’t work out. Chris was struggling being in the home by herself, as it was the first time in 35 years that she didn’t have a dog. With Jim not there, it was just too quiet to bear. After our conversation with Cindy, we got in touch with Chris and could tell that she NEEDED a Bull Terrier in her life as soon as we could make that happen. It seemed like Sassy would be a fit but we felt the need to discuss a few things with Diana about Sassy before making any decisions. We needed to make sure that Sassy would do well going to visit Jim at the nursing home along with the other residents there. We needed her to be as “well-mannered” as a bull terrier can be but still be a fun-loving Bull Terrier. Once we chatted, we realized that Sassy fit the bill for those requirements and got to work on making things happen. We asked our friends Sara and Patrick to help with the first leg, which they immediately agreed to. We then were able to get all of the same people who originally transported Sassy from the shelter to Diana to help with transporting her to Chris, which made things even extra special. Today was the big day and Sassy made her way to her new home with the help of our big-hearted transporters. Jim and all the residents and staff at the nursing home, all of Chris’s friends and family and Chris, herself, have been excitedly counting the days for Sassy’s arrival. Once Sassy decompresses and is comfortable in her environment, she will meet Jim, all of the ladies from Chris’s knitting group, friends and family. She will be the center of attention, something we think Sassy will like very much, after all what Bull Terrier doesn’t want to be the center of everyone’s attention!

We are so grateful for all the help we have had with Sassy, our Bull Terrier community is an exceptional one and we are only able to help bullies like Sassy because of that.

We are happy to share some pictures from Sassy and some of those who helped her make her way home today.

You can like and follow Sassy’s journey on her page, Keep It Sassy