June 13, 2024

For almost 3 months, under the care of some very loving people at Saving Sumter Strays, Puddy patiently waited for the right family to come along and bring him home. Puddy who is about 4 1/2 years old had lived his whole life with the same owner. Sadly, his owner suffered a severe mental health crisis and suddenly believed Puddy was out to get him. His owner took him on a ride through several states and ended up leaving him tied up at a rest stop off the highway. Thankfully, even though he was in an altered frame of mind, he did the best he could for Puddy by not harming him and leaving him there. Family members of the owner eventually saw posts about Puddy and reached out, allowing us to find out some more information about him. Initially, the wonderful people at Saving Sumter’s Strays, with Nina Stroebel being his number one advocate, tried to place him but they struggled to find the right home for him. They never gave up though and continued to just try to do right by him, knowing he deserved to be in a loving home. Eventually, we shifted gears and rather than us try to courtesy post him for them, we began to work on finding him a home through the Blue Ridge. Shortly after posting him, we received an inquiry and application from a couple, Ruth and Greg, in Pennsylvania. They held steadfast in their belief that Puddy was the bull terrier for them in spite of the shelter actually finally having a family interested in him. After some discussions we all came to the same conclusion, Puddy belonged with them. Today, with the help of some fantastic volunteers including new dad Greg who drove 5 hours both ways, Puddy made the over 9 hour journey to get to his new home. The family of his former owner is aware and only wants what is best for Puddy. We all feel that Ruth and Greg are exactly the family Puddy had been waiting for. Welcome to your new life Puddy.