June 13, 2024

Ruby is ready for her own home

Some of you might remember Ruby who was dumped a day apart in the same area from another bull terrier named Opal a few months back. We were unsure if they were bonded or not but rather than break them up initially, in case they were, we placed them in a foster home together. While they do appear to enjoy each other’s company some of the time, they do not seem bonded and would most likely thrive being separated. Ruby has a dominant personality and enjoys being the center of attention. She is very affectionate and loves to cuddle. Ruby came in with a very obvious eye issue in one of her eyes, which turned out to be glaucoma, something the vet felt she probably had since birth. We had her seen by a specialist where she underwent a procedure to relieve pressure in the affected eye. The doctor also tested her healthy eye to make sure it wasn’t predisposed to the same issue, thankfully, the results indicated that it isn’t. The issue and her lack of sight in one eye does not seem to impact her. She does need to have cream applied once a day to that eye to help keep it moisturized. She is spayed and up to date on her vaccines. Now that all of her medical needs have been addressed, we would love to find Ruby a home of her own. She is highly food motivated and has learned a few commands using her love for treats as part of her training and she would do well with someone who would continue working in this way with her. Ruby hucklebutts like the best of them and can jump very high for being such a little thing, at 34 pounds. She is an expert level burrower of blankets and covers. One of her big past times is stealing shoes and being proud of it. She is estimated to be 5 years old. Her foster parents have put in a lot of work on potty training her and she is doing great with it now and knows that she is suppose to go potty outside. When leashed on walks, she generally shows little reactivity. Once in a while, she is more aware and focuses on another dog like two specific neighborhood small dogs who are very reactive themselves. Otherwise though, she is very manageable on walks. Ruby is such a sweet girl to all the humans she has met and would love to have a home where the humans focused their attention on her as an only pet in the home. Children 12 and older. If you live within 8 hours of Harrisonburg, VA and can offer Ruby the home she deserves, please message either our main inbox or Lisa Taubman Blount directly.