June 13, 2024

About a week and a half ago, we were contacted by a shelter in Virginia about a bull terrier named Barley. Barley was with his family from when he was 6 weeks old until he was surrendered to the shelter shortly before turning 1 year. His family felt he was too hyper for the senior dogs and newborn baby in the house so he was placed in an outside kennel, where he stayed 24/7 until being surrendered to the shelter. Remarkably, that didn’t seem to break his loving spirit. The day we started to look for a home for this adorable little guy, we were contacted by a former adopter, Denise, who lost her BRBTC alumnus Luna a few days earlier. Her house was too quiet. She took a look at our Facebook page and happened upon the post about Barley. As is often the case, things seemed to line up as they were suppose to and today, with the help of some fantastic volunteers, Barley made his way to Denise and his new home. It seems like a very fitting time as it was Barley’s birthday yesterday and what better gift could he have than to have an amazing new mom and home. We know that Barley is not replacing Luna in any way but we also know that a bully can help mend a broken heart in a way very few other things can. As you can see in the photo below, Barley is already helping by bringing a beautiful smile to Denise’s face and showing his joy, knowing he is beginning a wonderful new life. We look forward to seeing many more smiles from Denise and Barley.

You can like and follow Barley’s adventures on his page, Barley Famous