June 13, 2024

This past fall KT came onto the radar. Her owner was moving into a retirement home within a week and was planning on having KT euthanized because only small dogs were permitted at the facility. Thankfully we had a wonderful foster who took KT in. KT had a chance at a life because of her foster. In truth, there were a few times it was overwhelming for her foster but her foster mama had the resolve to continue having her in her home, in spite of a big house move and other life obstacles. We can’t reiterate enough how fostering can save lives. Although it took us longer than we anticipated to find KT the right home, that home finally came along. KT is trading in her southern Belle roots to transform into a northern Star, with snow and all. Her new mom recently lost her senior bull terrier and her and her 4 legged boy were having trouble adjusting without the presence of a bull terrier. KT has spent the last two days making her way there. She left Georgia yesterday afternoon and made her way to Tennessee for a sleepover. Things started early this morning as she traveled through parts of TN, KY and OH, finally reaching her new home in New York this evening with the help of many kind hearted, bull terrier loving humans.

Facebook has changed formatting so we can no longer tag all those who helped. Please just know that there have been countless people who have helped with KT from when we first learned about her up until the last few days while we got her moved to her new home. We are forever grateful for the support we get from our bull terrier loving community. Thank you.

Below are some pictures from the last 2 days.

You can like and follow KT’s adventures on her page, My Fair KT