June 13, 2024

Since it has been a while, we thought we should share Moxie’s story again, as today, after over a year in her incredible foster home, she finally went to her furever family. On a Tuesday, January 4th, 2022, we learned about a bull terrier who had been pulled by an all breed rescue a few months prior. We had actually tried pulling her from the shelter but the other rescue had already tagged her. She had initially been abandoned and was thought to have been used for breeding purposes. Moxie also had a limp going on with one of her back legs so the other rescue did have a vet attempt a FHO surgery but once the surgeon went in, he felt there was too much scar tissue and that the surgery would not be helpful. He ended up closing her back up with some staples. The woman who ran the all breed rescue began to have some personal issues and was having trouble taking care of herself, let alone all the dogs under her care. A local woman involved in rescue, had already placed or helped place most of the other dogs who were under that woman’s rescue, a monumental task. At first we were told that the woman was staying in a motel with Moxie and two other dogs. However, things took a quick turn when we learned that Moxie and the other two dogs were in fact on the woman’s ex-husband’s property, in a trailer with broken out windows by themselves. We then offered to pay for boarding for Moxie until we could get her moved but then despite what we were told, the woman didn’t end up taking her there. We worked feverishly to get Moxie out and into our hands. Finally, on Friday, January 7th, 2022, after being jerked around for hours, our friends Brian and Carol met up with the woman’s son and got Moxie. Once they got her, they quickly realized that her staples from the surgery had not been removed and now they were embedded. In spite of that and whatever else she had gone through, Moxie was just a sweet, loving girl. We lined up a two day transport to get her and all the way to New Hampshire to Lisa Baker, a very skilled trainer, whose help over the years has been invaluable to Blue Ridge. Moxie also is Lisa’s Blue Ridge alumnus girl, Busy as a Bezi – Adopted, doppelgänger, which added to the appeal for Lisa to take her and work with her. Lisa got her staples removed and got all her vetting taken care of shortly after getting her home. Over this past year, Lisa has worked extensively with Moxie, making her one of the best trained bullies we have ever had under our rescue! She has experienced many adventures and good times with her foster humans and foster doggie siblings, Bezi, Oso and Nacho. While we didn’t plan on Moxie being with Lisa for such a long period of time, we knew that we needed to have the absolutely perfect family. Finally, that family came along. Robin and her adult sons, Wade and Brock, have been missing having a bully in their house since losing their Mac a few months ago. After talking at length, we realized this was the family and home that Moxie had been waiting for. Today starts the next chapter for all of them.

Special thanks to everyone who was initially involved in getting Moxie under the rescue and transported to Lisa and to Lisa for giving Moxie the tools she needed to be as well mannered as a bull terrier can possibly be and for being so patient with us as we worked to find Moxie a home.

You can like and follow Moxie’s adventures on her page, Mischievous Miss Moxie (https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100079928678168)