June 13, 2024

We learned about Frank and Egg, a bonded pair, in January. The story we were told by the gentleman who wanted to re-home them was that he got divorced a few years ago. His ex-wife was the one who had purchased both bullies but when they separated, he ended up taking them. He said that he had them for the last 2 years on his own and that he didn’t have any time for them. He mentioned that he had a “roommate” who also had a dog and that Frank and Egg were good with that dog. We had the dogs evaluated and during that time, it became apparent that Frank and Egg spent a huge amount of their time in a crate and/or segregated from the humans in the home. It appeared to us that the “roommate” was into her own dog and not Frank and Egg so they needed to go. We thought we had a home lined up for them pretty quickly but following a home check, we changed our minds. We looked through all the messages we had received about Frank and Egg and for some reason, one caught our eye, a message from a man named Charlie (also known as Bubba). After talking further with Bubba, we learned that he and his wife Melissa had lost their bull terrier Stella fairly recently. It was the first time in decades that they didn’t have a dog in the home. It turned out that, unbeknownst to both of them, they had each separately seen the post on Frank and Egg and had some interest in them but were unsure if the other was ready to open their heart and home to another bully (or two) quite yet. Luckily for Frank and Egg, they were both on board. These two bullies have been starved for attention and love, something that bull terriers typically thrive on. In their new home, they will be with a human almost every hour of every day. We can’t change their past but we can try to make up for it from here on out. Yesterday, they made their way to their way home. They have been settling in and soaking up all the love, enjoying toys and playtime, taking walks and exploring their big back yard.

Special thanks to Janice Jackson and Vicki Miller for taking the time to meet and evaluate Frank and Egg and Crissy Brown-Stone for spending a good chunk of her day off picking them up and driving them to meet up with Bubba and Melissa.

You can like and follow their new adventures at No Egg-scuses, Frank Me Later