Intake Temporarily CLOSED

Blue Ridge Bull Terrier Club Rescue will be closing intake of new bull terriers into rescue until further notice. We have a devastating number of cases that are currently being worked on from various shelters and owners wanting to surrender their pets. We will be continuing to work on placement for the dogs that we have already committed to, most of which are special needs or need to be the only pet in the home. Please be on the lookout for posts about these dogs and help us out by sharing their posts.

Blue Ridge is run by a – very – small number of volunteers that want to do anything possible to save the lives of the breed we love so dearly. Unfortunately, this does mean that every aspect of our personal lives must be neglected and put on hold while we do what we have to do for rescue. This, without a doubt, becomes overwhelming and we are always longing for the days that intake slows down naturally, but that doesn’t seem to happen. We must recognize when things need to close for our sanity.

Thank you to all of our amazing volunteers and supporters for your understanding. We could not do any of this without you ❤