Fly High, Sweet Tank

Today we want to take a moment to say thank you to our dear friends at Bullies Without Borders for their generous donation towards Nena’s care. The donation was made in honor of Tank Brown, who was a Blue Ridge Bull Terrier Rescue alum, that gained his angel wings last week. Tank was adopted through Blue Ridge by the amazing Deb Brown, who works so hard to raise money for Bull Terriers in need through Bullies Without Borders. We know that Deb’s heart is shattered and wish there was something we could do to help put her back together again, but, as many know, the pain from the loss of one who was so loved can never be fully healed. Deb, we are with you, sending much love and many prayers for some sort of peace. We know that Tank was spoiled and beyond loved, and know that there was no better place he could have found his way to. Thank you for all that you have done, and will do, for our beloved breed. We hope you’re having fun at the Bridge, sweet Tank 💔
Here is a post from Tank’s mom, Deb, that was made last week. This is true love:
I lost my boy on Monday. I honestly don’t know how I’m going to go on without him. He has been my strength and a big patch for my broken heart for a long, long time; but especially since losing Joseph. In the last 2 ½ years, Tank has gone through 2 horrific bouts of vestibular syndrome and yet he fought it both times and came back to me. The last 8 months, he has needed more TLC than usual. There isn’t anything I wouldn’t have done for my boy… I carried him in and out as needed, spoon fed him his special breakfast and dinner and we snuggled on the sofa whenever possible….it was his happy place. Monday, late afternoon, while taking a snuggle break with me, he went into a violent seizure and succumbed. I knew our time was limited, but needless to say, I am still devastated beyond words and couldn’t get them out right away.
Rest easy my boy….you’ve more than earned your wings and l will, forever love you!
His story
Tank had been a bait dog, when he came to us as a foster, the day after Christmas, back in 2006. (He had been confiscated from his previous owner in Norfolk, VA. due to cruelty/abuse) He was sorely thin, dog reactive and had never been an inside dog. A little after his first month with us, he had put on 22 pounds. We fostered him for over a year before he was adopted out; and then he was returned about 2 weeks later. In that year that he was with us, he knew love, and learned very, very gradually, to live with our other 2 bullies. Fate must have known he was exactly where he belonged, because 3 months after his return from his previous adoption, WE adopted this quirky bow legged, flop eared brindle bullie. He was now OURS and today, some 13+ years later, at 16 ½ yrs old, I know that this was where he belonged all along! He was so VERY LOVED! I only hope he knew how much.