November 2018 Update

Dear Blue Ridge Supporters,

2018 has been quite the crazy year for rescue; a record breaker for sure. Since January 1st we have taken 167 Bull Terriers into the Blue Ridge rescue program. This is already double the number of needy dogs taken in last year – and the year is not even over yet! As of October 31, 2018 we have spent $121,244.03 on medical care, boarding, food, etc. for the Bull Terriers in our system. We do not deny entry into rescue for those who are seriously ill or severely injured. We are here to help our beloved breed, especially those that need us the most. Here is a breakdown of some of our most financially draining cases encountered this year:


Aria – $3660.58

Bam Bam – $6433.59 (care is ongoing)

Bless aka Lucy – $3092.80 (care is ongoing)

Bruno – $1650.40

Bud – $1603.02 (care is ongoing)

Cannoli – $1442.84 (care is ongoing)

Casper – $1750.41

Chaos – $1249.81

Chico – $1570.97 (care is ongoing)

Coco – $1619.98

Delilah – $2070.02

Diesel Deuce – $1681.33

Drax – $4582.00

Foxy – $1016.74

Hannah – $3513.54

Harper – $1478.73 (care is ongoing)

Henry – $9505.29 (care is ongoing)

Ivan (Mr. T) – $4036.01 (care is ongoing)

Karma – $2060.86

Lily – $1806.99

Luna – $1337.81 (care is ongoing)

Mia – $2407.66

Winnstin – $1080.15

Zeus – $2574.73 (care is ongoing)


This list only contains 24 of the Bull Terriers that we have been responsible for in 2018. As you can see some of the costs to get these dogs healthy enough for adoption are very high. We have also just taken in a pregnant Bull Terrier, Peaches, that is due to give birth within the next 1-2 weeks. The costs for the care of mama and her puppies could easily exceed $5000.

As you know, we are a non-profit organization that operates on the generous donations of our amazing supporters. We have reached a critical point in our available funds and are in danger of closing intake, which would not allow any new Bull Terriers to come into Blue Ridge’s rescue program. Closing intake is something that we do not want to do; we do not want to put dogs at risk of euthanasia or risk them ending up in the wrong hands. Here is where our loyal followers can help. Donations in any size are accepted and greatly appreciated. Donations can be made via PayPal to or by clicking on the PayPal icon after following this link:

Donations can also be accepted by check. Checks should be made out to Blue Ridge Bull Terrier Club, Inc and mailed to PO Box 32, Delmar, DE 19940

Another way to support rescue is by purchasing one of our logo t-shirts. Our available selection can be found here:

As always, THANK YOU for your continued support! We would not be able to have record years like 2018 without the help and support of our loyal followers.



Belinda M. Shockley


Blue Ridge Bull Terrier Club, Inc.